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Wings of Fire Hybrids Welcome!
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[CM] Limefire by IceriftFyera Limefire by CaTTTaco

.:G:. Deepsea Pagedoll by Shallowpond [CM] Queen Reborn Pagedoll by Twilight-Tyto Lightsoul Animated Pagedoll GIFT by Sahel-SandWing
.:AT:. Commissions Are Closed - Aurora by Shallowpond .:AT:. Art Trades Are Closed - Deepsea by Shallowpond .:AT:. Collaborations Are Closed - Heat by Shallowpond .:AT:. I dont do requests - Petrel by Shallowpond

Art Schedule - Art ScheduleThis is an Art Schedule I will be doing now, helps people know what I'm working on and helps me keep in line lol
If I am missing anything please say something.
Cougar Full Body Sketch - Sahel-SandWing - Not Yet Started
Headbust - Shallowpond 
2 Characters in Headbust - Nocturnax  - Not Yet Started
Darkwatcher scene picture - BringerOfAshes - Not Yet Started

Art Trades
Gypsum Fullbody - ZhaKrisstol - Not Yet Started
Moonfall Headbust - aquaIights - Not Yet Started 
Flurry Headbust - MaykaDraws - Not Yet Started
Paradox Headbust - Flare-Draws - Shading
(If you asked for an art trade from me, I expect you to submit your part first, then I will submit my part after. I

Fur Affinity Account -…

Official Wings of Fire OC List - My Official WoF OC ListEdit #1 - This is the fully updated list of my Wings of Fire OCs including all the characters in each winglet for my fanfic "Wolf Among Sheep"
Doing this list so I can keep in line what OCs I have and people always ask how many OCs I have. Took this idea from Shallowpond :) go support her!!!!
I will most likely keep adding on to this the more stories I write lol
And please don't say "Oh you copied my names"
This is Wings of Fire
Known for repeating the most common names for animals and objects
Get over it.
  - Aurora 
  - Rainwing/Icewing

  - Heat
  - Sandwing/Mudwing
  - Deepsea
  - Seawing/Nightwing

  - Petrel 
- Male
  - Skywing/Icewing
  - Wolfsbane
  - Nightwing/Rainwing


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Sat May 20, 2017, 5:47 PM
hello!! :0
Fri May 19, 2017, 1:34 PM
liz is better than all-yalls
Wed Apr 26, 2017, 1:08 PM
good shit
Mon Apr 24, 2017, 5:39 PM
Luv the art! :3
Sat Apr 22, 2017, 1:24 PM

If I was to give Tui something from RedBubble of my art of the first and second arc main characters, what should I give her? 

131 deviants said Poster
125 deviants said Travel Mug
111 deviants said T-Shirt
28 deviants said Large Sticker


One more week left For RhynoReborn Contest

Due Date: June 1st, 2017 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time

RhynoReborn 2000 Watchers Contest [OPEN]:iconrhynobullraq: and :iconxthedragonrebornx: are celebrating our 2000 watchers by doing a collaboration contest together. Thank you all for watching and being such supportive people to both of us, we love you all.

Due Date: June 1st, 2017 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time

Objective: Pick a song from the following options and draw a scene to fit the song that involves Wings of Fire canon or non-canon/OC characters.
Song #1: Flyleaf - Broken Wings
Song #2: Thirty Seconds to Mars - Hurricane
Song #3: Three Days Grace - World So Cold

Song #4: Billy Boyd - Edge of Night
How to Enter
Arrow downThis is what you need to copy and paste into the comments of this journal to enter.<

If I have not Favorited your entry and it is not in the is folder - xthedragonrebornx.deviantart.c…

Please tell me and leave your entry in the comments below. 


Had my last class today for the semester. I am so tired and just.... done.

Giphy-downsized by xTheDragonRebornx

I can't wait to get started on all my owed work and future projects. Hopefully this summer will be a productive one. 
Hopefully get a chapter of "Wolf Among Sheep" out soon. 


That's it for now, love you guys,


Feel like sketching some canon WoF characters.
Who should I doodle?
Trying to am for not so main characters
Who's going to see Tui in 5 days in Massachusetts at the Enchanted Passage Bookstore?

I'm not going, but I was wondering if someone was and if you were I was wondering if you could ask her some questions for me...

1 - What exactly is the economic system in the Wings of Fire universe? Like what is the currency and or if each kingdom has a special money system?
2 - 
Who was the IceWing that breathed ice down Battlewinner's throat?
3 - 
What is Orca's coloring? Was she Dark green with blue eyes?
4 - 
Did animus magic originate from the IceWings in Pyrrhia?
5 - 
Is Jerboa an IceWing hybrid? Or have IceWing heritage? 
6 - 
Did Orca and Whirlpool ever have a crush on each other and maybe possible mates if Orca had lived?
7 - When is she ever going to tour in California?

I might have more questions that later that I will add on. 


It makes me uncomfortable to see people take people's outlines/templates (that are paid for or free) and make adopts from them. 
Like you are taking someone's art and making money from it. I know you are coming up with the design, and doing the work with adopts; but I mean you are take someone's outline/templates and art to make money for yourself. 
Like I think its totally cool to use those bases to make your OC refs and your own characters, don't get me wrong, you are not making money off of it and just making a wicked cool reference and it gets the artist's name out there. Just..... Selling adopts with them.....

I know its not really a problem, and I think the people who made the outlines are cool with it. Though honestly its so......Wrong to me. 

I am not calling anyone out. Just stating an opinion. 
About this whole ColdfrontTheIcewing stuff
Please leave me out of it. 
Stop tagging me in anything that involves him and his many alternate accounts. 

If you really want him to stop. Don't pay any attention to him. 
Don't comment on anything, don't fight him, don't even acknowledge his existence. 
He makes new accounts to harass people, plays the suicide card, steals, and manipulates just for the attention. 
Even when it's negative attention, attention is still attention. 
If you just ignore him and block him and his other accounts, don't give him ANY attention.
You do this and he will disappear. 


May 25, 2017
10:07 pm
May 25, 2017
10:07 pm
May 25, 2017
8:40 pm
May 25, 2017
8:35 pm
May 25, 2017
8:27 pm


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TheStarPlanet Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, someone made a Contest entry but did not link you properly. I can't link you to the picture right now because I am not at a computer and I have no access to one.
Her user is Mist-Rainwing. You could just go through her gallery and find it. She has a short gallery because she is new so it will be easy to find.
xTheDragonRebornx Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Thank you For telling me
TheStarPlanet Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ur welcome!
Emberwhale Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
heyo!! I was just wondering, do you like to redline? I saw you mention it in a status a while back, and right now I'm struggling with a certain pose.. Ehe. If you want to help that'd be cool, if not that's fine xD
xTheDragonRebornx Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
sure :)
Emberwhale Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aah thank you so much <33 Here's the picture: Weird Pose
gaahhh I can't quite get it right >o<'' Hopefully you can help ;o;''
OH just keep in mind it's a younger dragon so proportions should be slightly uh what's the word,, cutesier i guess, than normal :'')
thank you so much!! ;D
xTheDragonRebornx Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
(1 Reply)
Ember-Draws Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Sorry for bothering you, but I would love to draw one of your OCs. I wanted to let you know, because having a new deviant drawing one of your OCs without your consent would be odd. So I thought I should let u know.

PS-I love your art. :)
xTheDragonRebornx Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Sure of course :D just make sure to credit me in the description 
Ember-Draws Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
K, thx! ^^

ill be sure too!
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