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Wings of Fire Hybrids Welcome!
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49 WoF Adopts

For #s 11 & 14

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[CM] Limefire by IceriftFyera Limefire by CaTTTaco

.:G:. Deepsea Pagedoll by Shallowpond [CM] Queen Reborn Pagedoll by Twilight-Tyto Lightsoul Animated Pagedoll GIFT by Haasiophis-Sahel
.:AT:. Commissions Are Closed - Aurora by Shallowpond .:AT:. Art Trades Are Closed - Deepsea by Shallowpond .:AT:. Collaborations Are Closed - Heat by Shallowpond .:AT:. I dont do requests - Petrel by Shallowpond

Art Schedule - Art ScheduleThis is an Art Schedule I will be doing now, helps people know what I'm working on and helps me keep in line lol
If I am missing anything please say something.
Darkwatcher scene picture - BringerOfAshes - Not Yet Started
Vetur Scene Picture - Born-of-Wolves - Not Yet Started
Polar Scene Picture - Werewolf900 - Not Yet Started

Art Trades
Troublemaker Sketch Headbust - ausgoth - Not Yet Started
Galidor Headbust - Galidor-Dragon - Not Yet Started
Spinel Headbust - PhoenixtheParrot - Not Yet Started
(If you asked for an art trade from me, I expect you to submit your part first, then I will submit my part after. If I asked for an art trade, I

Fur Affinity Account -…

Official Wings of Fire OC List - My Official WoF OC ListEdit #1 - This is the fully updated list of my Wings of Fire OCs including all the characters in each winglet for my fanfic "Wolf Among Sheep"
Doing this list so I can keep in line what OCs I have and people always ask how many OCs I have. Took this idea from Shallowpond :) go support her!!!!
I will most likely keep adding on to this the more stories I write lol
And please don't say "Oh you copied my names"
This is Wings of Fire
Known for repeating the most common names for animals and objects
Get over it.
  - Aurora 
  - Rainwing/Icewing

  - Heat
  - Sandwing/Mudwing

  - Deepsea
  - Seawing/Nightwing

  - Petrel 
- Male
  - Skywing/Icewing
  - Wolfsbane
  - Nightwing/Rainwing

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um... hi
Sat Jun 24, 2017, 6:03 PM
Hey, vsause, michal here
Tue Jun 20, 2017, 9:36 PM
Sat Jun 17, 2017, 2:52 PM
I love your art so much <3
Tue Jun 13, 2017, 7:00 PM
Lemme smash Liz
Wed Jun 7, 2017, 7:45 PM

Favorite type of MudWing Hybrid? 

95 deviants said Ice/Mud
76 deviants said Sand/Mud
74 deviants said Sea/Mud
70 deviants said Night/Mud
63 deviants said Rain/Mud
61 deviants said Sky/Mud
19 deviants said Three-Way Mud Hybrid (Comment down below)




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Been decent, just pushing forward with life but I got a lot of up coming events :)

First off, I have just completed this huge project of drawing ever two-way WoF hybrids. That killed me lol
49 WoF Adopts Challenge - OPEN by xTheDragonRebornx
They are all for sale and are waiting for good homes, get theme while you still can!


Today I will be leaving and staying with my mother for about two to three weeks. Going to be hanging out in Oregon with all my sisters. I can't wait I really have missed them. 
During this time, I hopefully will be working on SwordWing lore and/or The War of Shadows stuff. No art cause I won't have my tablet. 
Once I get back from vacation I have a butt load of owed art to get done. MAYBE once I get done with owed art I will open commissions, don't know yet. 


Once I get back from vacation, I will be driving all the way to San Diego on July 7th to see Tui. 

Yes, I am about to blow up from excitement. 

I have a list of questions I want to ask her, but I want to add more. I don't know if she will answer them all but I want to try. 

What exactly is the economic system in the Wings of Fire universe? Like what is the currency and or if each kingdom has a special money?
Who was the IceWing that breathed down Battlewinner's throat?
What is Orca's coloring? Was she Dark green with blue eyes?
Did animus magic originate from the IceWings in Pyrrhia?

Is Jerboa an IceWing hybrid? Or have IceWing heritage?
Did Orca and Whirlpool ever have a crush on each other and maybe possible mates if Orca had lived?
How big is Pyrrhia compared to North America?
Does Whiteout have foreseeing powers?

Comment down below if you have other questions you want me to answer.

Edit #1 - Please stop asking me about the Albatross theory, Tui already talked about it. 

I also want to see you guys if any of you go :)
I would love to meet you guys. 


You guys have a wonderful day :) 

Love you all,


Please, stop tagging me in Moonfire's contest thing
This connected with me. It was always so hard for me to explain myself on why I love Darkstalker and understand him but this person really got it down into words. 
DarkStalker Preach by xTheDragonRebornx
I am going to be posting Adopts tomorrow so if you see a whole bunch of commission widgets from me just ignore lol
I keep getting asked what are my top favorite characters in WoF
So here is top 10
1 - Whiteout
2 - Albatross
3 - Six-Claws
4 - Darkstalker
5 - Clay
6 - Sunny
7 - Hawk
8 - Whirlpool
9 - Lynx
10 - Orca


Jun 26, 2017
12:23 am
Jun 25, 2017
11:56 pm
Jun 25, 2017
11:51 pm
Jun 25, 2017
11:22 pm
Jun 25, 2017
10:56 pm


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