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Elizabeth (Beth or Liz)
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I have been doing art my whole life, I specialize in Digital use, what I mainly like to do is take dragon or creature characters from stories and games and redraw them into somewhat "badass" forms

How did you guys find me? 

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Lightsoul's Story
Find The Light [Speedpaint Video] by xTheDragonRebornx



    The ash in the air was clear this night, the brightest of nights. It was first time in three hundred years since the last night the three great moons were full together. Each moon was casting a different hue of bright, pure light onto the lonely island and across the endless ocean horizon, making it seem almost like day among the blackened sands of the shore where Wisdomseeker was sitting with his mate, Firstkill.

    The last time the three moons were at their brightest, a monster was born. The dark one that made the NightWings leave the mainland and made to rot on an unforgiving, wasteland of an island. Luckily, the island's volcano is dormant. On some days, however, the ash from a small vent would linger in the air, making it hard to breath, let alone see. Yet tonight was beautiful. The night sky was clear enough to see all the stars, but the landscape was bright enough to see for miles around, due to the moons.

    Wisdomseeker looked over at Firstkill. She was a lean, black and red hue dragon with beautiful fire eyes that stared down at the silver egg in her hands. He then looked down at his own black hands. He was nervous about being a father for the first time. He didn't know if the little dragon inside would be like the last three-moon born NightWing who tried to take over the throne and ruin the NightWings, or if it would be as smart as himself, or as cold and fierce as Firstkill.

    Wisdomseeker loved Firstkill with all his heart, for when she wanted to be, she could be sweet and loving as any mate. But she was prideful. For being Queen Wareclipse's younger sister, you had to be strong and fearless, knowing you would possibly be queen or have to fight the heirs for the throne when the older Wareclipse would perish. Firstkill was completely loyal to Wareclipse, and she loved her very much, more than she ever loved Wisdomseeker. Wisdomseeker knew she has only used him to impregnate her with an heir, for the Queen's heirs were dying from an unknown disease. She didn't truly love him.

    Not like he loved her.

    "Do not think those thoughts. I do love you, in my own way," stated Firstkill without her eyes leaving the egg.

    "I don't mean to, just..." Wisdomseeker couldn't say what he wanted to, but thought them out instead. I'm scared that our child will be a monster....

    "She will be the most powerful NightWing ever under my teaching. She will protect our queen from her own stupid daughters. Then, maybe, she will be queen one day," Firstkill looked up at Wisdomseeker with cool, calm eyes, and then back at the egg. Deep in her mind, Wisdomseeker knew she had a plan, but would never share it with him.

    Wisdomseeker could not read minds like Firstkill, but he saw the future. He had a dream the other night that Firstkill would try to kill him. He pushed it away from his mind so Firstkill wouldn't see it, but he still felt dread from the vision. He would never fight her off. She was one of the most powerful dragons on the island. No one dared to face her, even the living heirs that the disease hadn’t affected. Yet, she could see in their minds that, if had the chance, they would slit her throat, and openly challenge the Queen.

    Suddenly, the silver egg started to shake. Wisdomseeker sucked in his breath, and held it. He heard a wing beat behind him and looked to see his brother, Liekiller, swooping in to land beside Wisdomseeker.

    Liekiller stood a good head taller than his brother, but the handsome dragon with black orange-hue scales and and swirling star scales on his wings was a soldier, none the less. "I wouldn't miss the birth of my first nephew," he said as he bumped into Wisdomseeker playfully. Liekiller did not sport the silver teardrop scales on the corner of his eyes like Wisdomseeker had, but instead received the brute strength of the family that Wisdomseeker lacked.  

    "It is not a boy, it is a girl," Firstkill said coldly to Liekiller. She was cold to most who are uninvited in her presence, yet she always favored Liekiller and let him stayed. Wisdomseeker always wondered why she choose him to be her mate instead of Liekiller. She obviously accepted Liekiller more, and he had always been top of the fight class when they schooled together.

    The egg then started to crack. Firstkill’s face softened, and she smiled softly. "There you go little one. Keep pushing." That was the softest thing Firstkill ever said that Wisdomseeker could remember. She was always so strict with an unreadable face and stiff body. He wished he could see her softer side more often. She looked so beautiful with a faint smile on her face and soft eyes.

    Wisdomseeker knew she heard him and she went back to her rigid, strict face, and stared down at that the now almost cracked in half egg.

    Wisdomseeker kept watching while Liekiller lifted a wing over his shoulder and smiled at his brother. "Stop your nervous twitching, Wisdom," said Liekiller softly to Wisdomseeker's ear. Wisdomseeker loved his brother very much, for he was the one that always protected him from the bullies at class when he was younger. No one ever believed that Wisdomseeker was going to be the queen's sister's mate one day, but here they are, about to have their first child under the three full moons.

    After what seemed to be the longest time, the little dragonet pushed the top part of the eggshell off. Wisdomseeker eyes flew open to see that instead of black scales inside the egg, there were white.

    The little white dragonet lift her head and stared up at Firstkill, her eyes as red and bright as her mother's. Firstkill did not move an inch, but stared coldly at the dragonet, not moving to hold her, or comfort her, as any mother would. Instead she stepped back when the little dragon reached up to her.

    The dragonet shrieked and looked at Firstkill, as if she was trying to understand some unspoken words.

    She's so beautiful, thought Wisdomseeker. As he stared at the little white dragon, he could see that her scales had a light red hue that matched her eyes.

    The dragonet looked over at Wisdomseeker as if she heard him. I think she is a mind reader, and I wonder how far in the future she can see. He had so many questions running through his mind. How could this happen? Why white? Is she cursed?

    He looked into her eyes and only saw love and curiosity, not the hate and misery that he thought he would see. He did not see a monster. He saw a baby. His daughter. His mind then filled with images of the little dragonet cuddled in his arms sleeping, of him reading her a book. Then the images merged into him walking side by side with her when she was older on a beach looking for sea shells. Then of her studying one of the full moons and then looking into a book that was in her hands. He was then snapped back into reality when the little dragonet crawled out of the silver shell and walked right up to him. Wisdomseeker looked down into her eyes, and she looked back up to his.

    Liekiller whispered, "Why is she white? I have never seen a white NightWing before," he started to say as he slowly walked backwards, away from them, towards Firstkill.

    Without saying anything, Firstkill took off into the sky, towards the main city as fast as she could. Wisdomseeker knew she was going to get the queen, and he didn't know what was going to happen next. He looked back down at his daughter, and then picked her up and hugged her close to his chest.

    "What should your name be, little one?" he said, as he started to think of names that would fit her. Wisdomseeker looked into the dragonet’s eyes and saw so much understanding and wonder in her little red eyes. Moonlight, Wonderfinder, Starsight, no no no... he thought as he flipped through his mind for some word combo that would fit his white daughter, who was staring straight back into his eyes with the same intensity, as if she was staring into his soul and not his pale green-blue eyes.

    That's it, you are a soul reader, and you are as white as the moonlight. "Lightsoul, I shall call you Lightsoul." He couldn't stop smiling as she smiled back at him, understanding that was her name. Lightsoul closed her eyes and laid her small head on his chest.

    Wisdomseeker was the happiest he had ever been in his life, as he looked down at Lightsoul. Even though she was white, he could still see the outline of a white teardrop scale next to her eyes, like Firstkill and himself.

    "What are you going to do? She will most likely be killed for her coloring," Liekiller said. Wisdomseeker knew he was talking about the Queen who would kill her. Wareclipse would never allow a deformity in her perfect tribe. She, herself, had killed hatchlings that did not fit in; even an extra toe was too much.

    He knew Firstkill would be back soon with the Queen. Lightsoul was not safe. Either she dies in front of him, or he leaves with her and never sees Firstkill, Liekiller, or even the tribe, ever again.

    "Liekiller, I'm leaving with her. I'm leaving the island, and going to the mainland to hide. I cannot let them kill her. Do not tell anyone where I have gone, please, brother," Wisdomseeker pleaded to his brother. His and Lightsoul's only mercy was of his brother's help.

    "No promises that I will not tell them where you went, but I will not hold you back. Go. I will stall them. Remember, Wisdom, that I will always be your brother, and to fly at night. Do not come back, or they will kill you. I love you." Liekiller lifted his wing and touched his brother, then he turned and shot straight up in the air and started to fly towards the city. Wisdomseeker was always amazed how agile his brother was for how bulky and large he was.

Looking down at his daughter he whispered, "First lesson, my child: seek the stars for direction." He looked at the sky and found the Cat Tooth formation among the uncountable number of stars. He lifted off the ground and took for the farthest star in the point of the tooth, never looking back.

The Light in the Darkness [Prologue]
Finally finished the Prologue -_-

I do not know if I will constantly keep writing this story but we will see.

Any ways, this is a Prologue for Lightsoul's story

OC and Story copyrights to me
Edited by SpudbollerCreations 
Wings of Fire copyrights to Tui T. Sutherland  
Sorry I haven't been posting my Drawing-A-Day for the past couple of days. 
I've been really busy lately but tonight after I get back from the water park I will complete (hopefully) Whirlpool, Six-Claws, Prince Smolder, and Osprey :)


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